Hazecigs.com Website Review & Ratings + Haze Electronic Cigarettes Coupons
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Hazecigs.com Website Review & Ratings + Haze Electronic Cigarettes Coupons

Out of the number of e-cigarettes available in the market, Haze electronic cigarettes are unique; they stand out from other products by their competitive price tag, with added features in their starter pack; offer more variety in flavor than any other brand. They quench your passion for smoking which is free from smoke, tar, fire or smell and without causing any havoc to your health; but they use vapor with vaying levels of nicotine; thereby Haze e-cigarettes provide an alternate outlet for tobacco smoking.However,they are 90% cheaper than the ordinary tobacco cigaretts.You can order for the product and get other details about the product in the on line through their web site Hazcigs.com.

Haze Electronic Cigarettes: What makes it different?
  • Haze e-cigarettes despite its added features in the starter pack and more variety in its flavors is available at a competitive price range of $ 80 per pack.
  • Starter pack has an additional computer charger along with other chargers.
  • Money back guarantee is available within 30 days of its purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product.
  • One year warranty is available for the components of starter pack like charger, battery, atomizer etc
  • Free shipping is available when the product is ordered through on line.
  • Product is delivered at your door step through www.delivery.king.com
  • Product is marketed effectively through affiliate marketing.
  • As many as 13 varieties of flavors are available for cartridges.

Best Available Haze Electronic Cigarettes Coupon:
Haze Electronic Cigarettes vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Haze Electronic Cigarettes)

Haze e-cigarettes has some leading rivals in the market like Green Smoker, the safe cigarette, Blu cigarettes and V2 e-cigarettes etc and their respective price tags are $ 118.50,$ 89.99, $ 59.95 and $ 74.95.Of them Green Smoker despite its higher price range offers a tough competition because of its highest smoke volume. Blu cigarettes and V2 e-cigarettes are also good competitors because of their lower price range of $ 59.95 and $ 74.95 respectively. Despite facing a stiff competition from them, Haze e-cigarettes has been doing well with its unique features and added advantages mentioned above.

For more information refer www.greensmoke.com and www.blucigs.com  and www.v2cigs.com

Haze Electronic Cigarettes: Product images & screenshots
Haze Electronic Cigarettes Coupons
Haze Electronic Cigarettes: Detailed review

Using Haze electronic cigarettes, you can smoke in a public or a private place unmindful of the circumstances you are in and without unduly worrying about the anti tobacco smoking laws. You have to just invest $ 80 to have a pack of Haze electronic cigarettes. You will be offered with a starter pack which contains a personal charger, two batteries, and a computer USB charger, one wall charger along with an USB cable containing a multipurpose AC adapter, 25 flavor cartridges and two atomizers along with a user manual. Metallic atomizers are involved in self-cleaning process when the e-cigarettes are used The cartridges are offered in five most popular varieties of flavors You can also have an additional pack of cartridge in your favorite flavor for $ 6.You can also have spares for other components.

Before beginning to use your favorite Haze e-cigarette, go through the user manual.Then open up the starter pack; see that the charger in it is fully charged confirming it through its LCD indicator; put one of your favorite cartridges in the atomizer. Then start smoking; when the LED lamp at the end of cigarette starts glowing like a regular cigarette, you have begun to smoke. You can have an average of 200 puffs of nicotine of your favorite flavor in each Haze e-cigarette.

  • Haze e-cigarettes are available at a competitive price tag of $80 
  • It offers a starter pack with added features than any other competitor. A computer USB charger available in the starter pack is the additional facility made available in the Haze e-cigarette, making it more modern and thereby facilitating its easy access and use besides increasing its suitability to the highly skilled people who work on computers
  • Cartridges are available in thirteen different varieties of flavor like mint or menthol, traditional or tobacco, vanilla, coffee, grapes, rose red, watermelon, blueberry blue, chocolate, cherry, cigar, licorice and haze energy.
  • Full money back guarantee is available within 30 days of purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product. 
  • One year warranty is available for the components of the starter pack, like battery, chargers and atomizers, besides additional spares are also available for purchase after the expiry of warranty
  • Haze e-cigarettes and the spares can be purchased through on line in their web site www.hazecigs.com and your shipment is free. 
  • .The product can also be had through www.delivery.king.com at your steps with which hazecigs.com has a liaison.

Best Available Haze Electronic Cigarettes Coupon:
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