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Despite a multitude of hazardous effects of cigarettes to the body, many people still cannot give up smoking. For them, it has been an integral part of their lives that quitting is the hardest thing to do. That is why offers innovative cigarette alternative, a safer, and absolutely a cleaner way of smoking.
Unlike the traditional cigarettes, electronic cigarettes do not contain those thousands of harmful chemicals. Though it may contain nicotine but is optional. You can also play with the flavor you want to savor while smoking electronic cigarette. offers a wide selection from the familiar tastes you know including lemon, bubblegum, and menthol to the rare, exotic and drink flavors like butterscotch, cheese cake, marshmallow, cola, whisky, margarita, and a lot more unimaginable in traditional cigarettes. dispenses electronic cigarettes from among the popular brands known to this industry. They are:

You can shop for electronic cigarettes at under the following categories:

MyFreedomSmoke: What makes it different?
  • has the largest inventory of flavors on the internet.
  • My Freedom Smokes simulates traditional cigarettes' size and shape for you to enjoy the usual habit of smoking without that strange feeling.
  • offers the most affordable price. For sure you will not have any second thoughts anymore going back to traditional cigarettes. 
  • is proud of its customer-centered business. Its staff is friendly and is happy to assist you in every way.
  • Orders are shipped on the same day so you can immediately enjoy a healthier and safer habit of smoking electronic cigarettes.
  • offers free shipping on all orders $75 and up.
  • accommodates returns for defective items within 7 days from the day orders were received.
  • also web-friendly perks like coupons for their followers on the social media feeds.
  • Of course, web masters also have the chance to earn extra income for taking part on its affiliate program.
MyFreedomSmoke vs. primary competitors (sites similar to MyFreedomSmoke)

Two of the big names that compete with My Freedom Smokes in the electronic cigarette industry include Premium E-Cigarette and Envy Electronic Cigarettes. But unlike My Freedom Smokes, Premium E-Cigarette and Envy Electronic Cigarettes supply products under their own brand name. My Freedom Smokes is a retailer shop that sells electronic cigarette products from the various makers and manufacturers. Nevertheless, the brands that My Freedom Smokes takes its supplies are also from among the reputable names that people trust.
All these companies provide almost the same products, parts, and accessories of electronic cigarettes. However, among the three of them, My Freedom Smokes offers the most number of flavors that are neither limited to the usual ones you have already tried before.
My Freedom Smokes and Premium E-Cigarette offer interesting promos online but not Envy Electronic Cigarettes. Though, it is much easier to get coupons and discounts at My Freedom Smokes for simply following them on its social media page. At Premium E-Cigarette, you have to refer a friend first before you can get a $10 gift.
These companies all the same cater free shipping everywhere in the US. They also accept returns but the length of time allowable varies greatly. My Freedom Smokes allows only up to 7 days while up to 30 days for both Premium E-Cigarette and Envy Electronic Cigarettes. My Freedom Smokes can neither beat the 90-day warranty of Premium E-Cigarette. It is even 1 year for the Envy Electronic Cigarettes.

MyFreedomSmoke: Pricing & packages

Pricing is highly dependent upon several factors. These factors are not limited from among the following; number of cartomizers, accessories, flavorings included in the package, and many others. Here, the Starter Kits with the lowest cost offered by these competing companies are being compared in terms of price and what includes the package.

My Freedom Smokes
Name Starter Kit: Freedom-5 Starter Kit (Super Cigarette)
Price: $17.95

  • 1 Charging Case
  • 1 Battery
  • 1atomizer
  • 5 Pre-Refill Cartridges
  • 1 User's Manual

Premium E-Cigarette
Name Starter Kit: Electronic Cigarette Kit PR110
Price: $49.95

  • 1 Battery
  • 6 Atomized Cartridges (250-300 puffs each)
  • 1 Wall Charger with USB
  • 1 User's Manual

Envy Electronic Cigarettes
Name Starter Kit: Envy Nirvana Economy
Price: $19.95

  • 1 USB Charger
  • 2 Cartomizers
  • 1 Mini Battery
  • With 5 free pieces cartomizers

As you can see, My Freedom Smokes offers the lowest price for the starter kit at $17.95 only, followed by Envy electronic Cigarettes which costs $19.95, and Premium E-Cigarette as the most expensive at $49.95.

MyFreedomSmoke: Product images & screenshots
MyFreedomSmoke Coupons
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MyFreedomSmoke: Customer reviews & comments

A lot of customers served by My Freedom Smokes have shared their testimonials. Here ia one of them have to say:

I just wanted to tell you I placed an order for lots of e-juice and supplies on 11-30-2011 and received them today 12-3-2011.  What great shipping fast service thanks a bunch!  I also wanted to tell you so far tonight I have tried the camel 18mg.  And the flavor is awesome... So tasty and smooth , terrific vapor - great job I can't wait to try all the other flavors I ordered! I just wanted to thank you for products that are true to their description and to all your reviews!

Looking forward to being a lifelong customer and wanted to thank you!

(The next day....)

Hello again Chris.  I just wanted to tell you, your e-liquid is the BEST I have tried, and trust me I have tried alot!  You don't just have one flavor that is awesome, but all of your flavors seem to be spot on, great taste, just as described, great th, and wonderful vapor, and the price is great!  I ordered a bunch of smaller ml bottles as my experience in past from other companies was I would order some e-liquid from other companies, thinking and believing they would be spot on, they were not and I wasted lots of money and eliquid.  I understand that flavor is individual to a person's taste, but your flavors are as they are described and as they are reviewed on utube. Thankful I was searching utube and saw reviews for your company e-liquid!  I order a 30 ml of dunhall-great flavor, th and vapor;  then 10ml of camel(taste so close to the camel lights analog, it is unbelievable;  marlboro red same thing taste similar to the red box, and actually better not as burnie;  the cotton candy made me feel like I was at the carnival, I vaped alot of the 10ml already (will have to order more) lol;  I just tried the pomegranate-OMG fruity, sweet, but not too sweet and great after dinner;  the cheesecake is to die for, feel like I am eating dessert without the calories!  I still have to try the Hilton and a few others I ordered in 10ml but know from the other ones I have tried, I will not be disappointed :)! 

I have to tell you that I have been trying this e-cig thing now for a several months and was down from 2pks a day analog to a couple analogs every couple days.  Out of all the other e-liquid I tried, I still was "cheating" not feeling like I had a juice to really exactly replace my analogs...Until I got your e-liquid, and the camel was perfection! Even better then replacing the analog, no comparison-just better!  Since I have your e-liquid, I have not touched another analog nor wanted to, not even a little...I use tobacco flavored camel and marlboro when really craving that tobacco, then nice relaxing vape of cheesecake, pomegranate, or cotton candy when want some sweet.  So...I know this is long winded, but just wanted to give you some positive feedback and THANK YOU VERY MUCH, I have said good riddance to the analogs, and will be continued happy customer of my freedom smokes e-liquid-keep up the awesome job! 

Julia L. Schaefer via email

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Get 10% off Joyetech kits @ MyFreedomSmoke
Get 10% off Unflavored nicotine e-liquid @ MyFreedomSmoke
Get 10% off flavored e-liquid with coupon code @ MyFreedomSmoke
Get 10% Off @ MyFreedomSmoke