Reasons Why Should Smokers Switch To Electronic Cigarettes
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Reasons Why Should Smokers Switch To Electronic Cigarettes


The birth of electronic cigarettes is believed to hold the “right path” to a bright future of the smokers. Smokers are advised to quit smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes, but they just can't. They love to do it and will always enjoy doing it. So they continue to smoke but many of them were convinced to switch to electronic cigarettes. So what really persuaded them to switch to electronic cigarettes?

Health Benefit

Like the traditional cigarette, electronic cigarette neither offers any health benefit. However, it is less harmful to use because it does not include all the known harmful and carcinogenic chemicals found in a traditional cigarette. It does not discolor your lips, teeth, and nails too. Although an electronic cigarette may contain nicotine, it is optional. You can opt for a cartomizer loaded with a controlled amount of nicotine or with any flavor available. An electronic cigarette does not also produce smoke. Hence, there is no risk for you and the people around you to develop asthma or any dangerous pulmonary disorders.


The $40-$150 cost of an electronic cigarette starter kit may initially be expensive. But in due time, you will eventually save more than a thousand after using electronic cigarette in one year. According to Green Smoke, if a smoker consumes a pack worth $6 of cigarettes daily, he would have to spend $2,190 yearly. But if he will shift to an electronic cigarette, he will only spend an average amount of $700 for the cartomizers annually. That amount of savings can already pay for a fun vacation of the whole family.


Based on consumer feedback posted on various websites, using electronic cigarette feels no stranger than smoking a traditional cigarette. In fact, they feel even much better with electronic cigarettes because of the thought that it is “healthy”. Best of all, many of them enjoy trying the different tastes and flavors that their favorite brand offers. Other electronic cigarettes are even designed with fancy colors and lights so it also becomes a favorite “toy of an adult”.

Social and Environmental Responsibility

Electronic cigarette is reusable and rechargeable; hence, it does not build up to the waste in the environment. It does not produce smoke too so there is no due for the risk of second-hand smoke to the people around you. With an electronic cigarette, you can safely use it everywhere, inside the office or at home with your kids, without leaving the ash and bad odor.

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