Vista Vapors vs Vape Wild vs VaporFi: Electronic Cigarette Sites Compared
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Vista Vapors vs Vape Wild vs VaporFi: Electronic Cigarette Sites Compared

Vista Vapors is known for having some of the best options for flavors, including some of the most combinations. Vape Wild has some of the best shipping options and it’s also known for its high-quality customer service and personal touch for your orders. VaporFi has more high-end flavors and it’s also one of the best for beginners and those who want customization.
Covered in this report
Vista Vapors — Best Features
Set nicotine level and get 5 random bottles.
Specialty e-juice such as for candy flavors.
Best for: Those looking for unique vaping flavors.
Best deal: 10% Off Everything - [activate coupon]
Vape Wild — Best Features
Free shipping on $30 of product or more.
Turnaround time on shipping of just 24 hours.
Best for: Those worried about shipping options for getting their product fast.
VaporFi — Best Features
8 different e-cig models to choose from for variety.
Custom vaporizer builder lets you pick battery, atomizers, and all aspects of the device.
Best for: Those looking to change up their e-cig experience and try different things.

Vaporizers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to smoking. Here are a few of the more popular vaping options on the market these days, including a comparison between them.

Vista Vapors

Vista Vapors has an easy to use site with quite a few features that will be attractive to a certain subset of vapors, especially those that like unique flavors and being surprised.


  • Random 5 Bottles-If you like being surprised and trying out new, this might be the right choice for you. It can also guarantee that you get a full sampling of the large number of possible flavors on the site.
  • Considerable Variety of Unique Flavors- You’re definitely spoiled for choice when it comes to the flavors here. They have some very specific flavors such as “Butter-nut Brownie” and “caramel-Apple Pucker” for those who like sour. Others include Green Apple Orchard, Pineapple Peach, Watermelon Candy, Cotton Candy, and Blue Raspberry.
  • Free Shipping-If you spend more than $50 per time, then you can get the shipping without any additional cost. This shouldn’t be hard if you buy enough to set yourself up with a beginners kit.
  • Mix Your Own-Another unique option on the site is where you can mix your own flavor. There are a potential of four million flavor combinations if you mix flavors together. You could end up with a flavor that no one else has tried.

Vape Wild


Vape Wild has an easy to use site and a focus on customer service. This includes a live chat option in the bottom right as well as strong positive reviews of the people who help you out through the site. Reports indicate that you even get handwritten notes from them sometimes.


  • Free Shipping Offers-Vape Wild will let you get their stuff for free if you spend $30. This is compared to Vista Vapors which requires $50 for the same thing. You get USPS Priority Shipping.
  • 24-Hour Turnaround-If you need your stuff fast. Vape Wild is an effective choice since they have a 24-hour turnaround rate for shipping.
  • Freebies-For every $15 you spend, you’ll get 15 mL of free e-juice. Also, the site will send out more than one sample to you as well. If you click on the “Samples” area on the site, you can look through these. Sometimes they even have free samples programs.
  • Vape It Forward-Sometimes the site has promotions where you get extra bottles of e-juice specifically to send to a friend so you can share it with them. This promotion may come and go, however.



VaporFi is vigilant about age because you have to say that you’re over 18 just to enter the site. The company gets overwhelmingly positive reviews online as well, indicating a positive consumer response, especially from sites promoting using vaping to cut back or quit smoking.


  • A+ BBB Rating-VaporFi has the highest rating you can get from the Better Business Bureau. This was issued for their place based in Miami, Florida. The business has actually only been around for 3 years, with the rating starting at the beginning of 2015.
  • Different E-Cig Options-Those who crave customization will appreciate the many different e-cig setups you can get through the site since you’re not stuck with just the one type.
  • Official Registrations-VaporFi has the proper registration for their lab through the FDA. They are an official tobacco manufacturer with that organization.
  • Quick Flavor Mixer-The feature called “Vapetender” on the site lets you quickly mix 3 different flavors together in order to get something unique. The number of combinations possible this way is around 30,000.
  • Rewards program-This comes out to $20 cash back coupons each time you earn 200 points. It’s 1 point per dollar. So, if you’re going to spend a lot at once, of if you want to buy a bunch for your house, VaporFi can help you save money for that.

Head to Head


The Random 5 option goes for $35 or so from Vista Vapors. This is for 5 premium bottles. You can also get something like the Sucker Up e-Juice with a candy flavor for $11 or so. The standard bottles go for just under $5 each. An example of hardware pricing includes a Subtista Tank with Free Vista Cell at 50W that goes for $30.They are called “e-juice.” You can often get refunds on the price of the products on the site. This includes a 14-day guarantee for products like tanks, batteries, mods from eGo, and other hardware. Atomizers can’t be returned unless you never opened them.

Standard pricing at Vape Wild is around $3 per bottle of e-juice. Examples of tanks on the site include Wotofo Serpent Sub tank for $18 and the Sifelei Moonshot tank for $17. Overall, the prices seem a bit lower than what Vista Vapors has in general. This is especially the case when it comes to eJuice since the standard price is half what Vista Vapors has. The other devices are more comparable such as the tanks, the mods, and the other accessories, though again, cheaper options show up at Vape Wild more often.

VaporFi has a range of deals that happen fairly constantly, such as their refer-a-friend program to get $20 off orders where your friend gets $10 off. Individual options appear a bit more expensive than the others, with flavors like Caramel Tobacco at RY4 going for $16 for 30 ML, so significantly more expensive than the others, though with higher nicotine content generally. They’re definitely going for quality over quantity and low price here. They have a number of high-grade vape juice options like their Cuban Cigar Vape Juice that goes for $16 or so, for example.

Overall, the sheer range of flavors possible at Vista Vapors in their e-Juice is hard to beat from other stores. It would be impossible to name them all, but you have strong and sweet flavors like butterscotch, something sweet and fruity like Crazy Berry, complex flavors like bacon, something minty and sweet like Arctic Chocolate, something more traditional like American Tobacco, and so on. Additionally, VaporFi has the advantage over other options when it comes to warranty since theirs is actually for a full 90-days, at least for some of their items. This is often not necessarily across the board.


Security enthusiasts will be happy to know that there are plenty of Internet security options on the Vista Vapors site including from EndsVerify and The site also has a wide variety of possible deals if this is the type of feature you’re focusing on. Deals include getting random flavors, specialty candy flavors, and even buying eJuice wholesale. There’s a 45-day E-Juice guarantee through the site that lets you guarantee a replacement within 45 days if you were sent the wrong bottle size, if the bottle was defective or if the flavor doesn’t match properly. Vista Vapors even has a 14-day guarantee in general as well, if you bought the flavor and you just don’t like it for whatever reason. This will give you full store credit. You do have to return the bottle, and if you used a whole bunch of it, you might not get a refund.

Vape Wild is known for having strong shipping and customer service options, though the actual flavors they offer can vary in quality according to reviews. For example, the “Hold the Door Mystery Flavor” from 2016 with the Game of Thrones reference was popular through the site, but the “Grand Poobah” flavor had some more tepid reviews. The live chat option on the site can get you right to where you want to go by clicking on the bottom right corner so you can get some help quickly. Hand-written notes tend to come with every package, and they even give you free extra bottles for every west amount that you spend on the site.

VaporFi has some unique features like its Custom Vaporizer Builder. This lets you pick each part of the vaporizer from the battery type and brand, to the tank, atomizers, type and color of the tip, and even the type of wall charger adapter used. You can actually end up with something completely unique that you build easily right on the site. Downsides to Vaporfi include that the quick kits you can buy lack items such as e-liquid or cartridges. You have to buy these completely separately, which means their starter kits aren’t really totally complete. Reviews indicate that the service has strong customer service that doesn’t bite, likely rating it in between Vape Wild and Vista Vapors.The “Vapetender” flavor mixer from VaporFi lets you mix 3 flavors together for a possible combination of 30,000 different kinds. This puts it behind Vista Vapors which boasts up to 3 million combinations, however. The user interface for VaporFi when it comes to this is nice and easy, at lease. You just hit the green “create a flavor” button half way down the page.

Overall, the best option for you will definitely depend on what you value in terms of features. Vista Vapors is the king of flavors, security, and warranties, for example. Vape Wild tends to score better when it comes to customer service and the personal touch, though their flavors sometimes get worse reviews. You get a lot of freebies on the site, though, and many people say that they really go above and beyond with their customers.


Reviews for Vista Vapors are mostly positive with a score of over 4 at both Quit Smoking Community and Quit Day. In particular, Quit Smoking Community gives it a score of 94% for Vapor Quality. They have a high score for flavors quality, and the price, choice, and overall rating are all in the 80th percentile. QuitDay gives high ratings on the site too, including 90% for both Quality of Flavors and Selection, with Value for Money being only at 88%. There are some complaints among the personal reviews, though obviously not on the Vista site itself. Most of these seem to complain about shipping and coupon practices, and not as much about the flavors or equipment itself. Customer service appears to be hit and miss like it often is. Some customers were highly impressed with touches such as getting their name on the bottle, others were frustrated by a lack of instructions on using the product or some other foible.

Vape Wild gets a 3.6 out of 5 from JuiceDB, and there are around 500 or more reviews in there. Reviews focus on the decent variety of just over 150 juices and e-liquids offered, as well as the wholesale options and sample packs you can get. Reviewers definitely spend a lot of time raving about the customer service at Vape Wild, and it appears to be the major draw. This means that if you’re someone who often has a negative experience talking to customer service on online sites for vaporizers or anything else really, Vape Wild could rally help you end up with a much more positive experience.

VaporFi is the number 2 brand as rated by Quit Smoking Community. They give VaporFi a rating of just under 99%. This is largely because of their large range of possibilities for purchase, such as 8 individual e-cig models. The service is known for being an effective choice for those who really want to customize. The BBB site has a high score of A+ from the service itself, whereas customers give VaporFi a bit over 3.5 out of 5. The official complaints have numbered over 30, but have been largely fixed. The E-Cigarette Pros site also gives them a high rating, though it appears this site as well as the Quit Smoking site are paid reviews.

Overall, VaporFi gets some of the best ratings, though honestly, most of the reviews are positive for all of these sites, though it’s worth noting that many of them are rather new. The vaping community is getting large these days and they  are definitely yearning for some good product, so there was no shortage of customer reviews, and there were few that just said that any of the sites were just straight up awful.

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Vista Vapors
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